A Poster a night, Posters Unite!

The current politics of hate is unacceptable for many of us. There is an urgency to stop it, to counter divisiveness and the language of polarisation. The way to do this, is to provoke, craft, and nurture alternative visions.

We seek the seeds of a creative movement towards futures that we desire, and wish to realise. Futures free of hate, of discrimination and violence. Futures that are equitable, inclusive, utopic, thoughtful but also courageous.

Contribute a single web/poster image, or image sequence, that resonates on streets and well as screens.

For more guidelines, see Submit

As a collective project, Posters Unite! does not credit each artist individually. All artworks are copyleft, and the print-ready files can be downloaded by anyone. The contributors list, arranged alphabetically will be updated from time to time.

Posters Unite! Is initiated by 2020 Group in solidarity with Artists Unite!

Aastha Chauhan Jesal Kapadia
Acqui Thami Manish Sherawat
Afrah Shafiq Monteiro-Jayashankar
Amitabh Kumar Minal Damani
Amritah Sen Meera Devidayal
Anant Joshi Navjot Altaf
Anpu Varkey Nalini Malani
Appupen Orijit Sen
Archana Hande Uttam Ghosh
Arjun Bali Pallavi Paul
Arnab Chaudhari Point of View
Ashok Lal Prajakta Potnis
Atul Kumar Priyanka D'souza
BHA Rohan Shivkumar
Bharti Kapadia Ram Rahman
Busride Studio Reena Kallat
CAMP Ronak Soni
Chitra Ganesh Sameer Kulavoor
Chitra Venkataramani Sameera Iyengar
Clark House Initiative Saurav Roy
CONA Sanjeev Khandekar
Dilip Ranade Shakuntala Kulkarni
Dhruvi Acharya Shilpa Gupta
Ek Type Shireen Gandhy
Esha Singh Shrujana Shridhar
Free Speech Collective Smita Rajmane
Geeta Seshu Jehangir Jani
Gayatri Kodikal Sudhir Patwardhan
Gautam Benegal Sukanya Ghosh
Harmeet Rahal Surabhi Sharma
Inder Salim Vaishali Narkar
Justin Ponmany Sourav Roy